INNDOC, FECIES and EURAM conferences.

INNDOC, FECIES and EURAM conferences.

The members of the research team of the University of León in the
SUSTEMICROP project Dr. Beatriz Jiménez and Dr. Daniel Alonso have developed
an intense activity participating in INNDOC, FECIES and EURAM conferences.
INNDOC is a conference focused on teaching techniques. Daniel and Beatriz explained some
techniques to improve sustainability in students. It is also related to ODS
del-aprendizaje-colaborativo/ )

Beatriz and Daniel also participated in FECIES conference, talking about sustainability practices
and how to increase the motivation and academic results through ODS inclusion in academic
Finally, Daniel attended EURAM Conference focused in management. Daniel participated in a a
Symposium about sustainability and Net Zero (“B Corps, sustainable business models, and firm
strategies for meeting the net-zero goals” symposium symposium at the EUROPEAN
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT 2023 conference at Trinity College Dublin.). This
Symposium have discussed the role and business model of B Corps and other forms of
sustainability-driven organizations in the achievement of net-zero goals. The path toward
decarbonization is complex, and not only involves companies, but is also influenced by the
national, social, and political context. While there is a growing debate concerning both carbon
neutrality and companies’ environmental impact, those two topics have been approached
quite independently. Hence, the Symposium is intended to discuss the advantages of blending
these two research streams, disentangling the factors (e.g., institutional, industry, and firms)
leading firms to meet the net-zero goal.

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