INNDOC, FECIES and EURAM conferences.

Conférences INNDOC, FECIES et EURAM.

The members of the research team of the University of León in theSUSTEMICROP project Dr. Beatriz Jiménez and Dr. Daniel Alonso have developedan intense activity participating in INNDOC, FECIES and EURAM conferences.INNDOC is a conference focused on teaching techniques. Daniel and Beatriz explained sometechniques to improve sustainability in students. It is also related to ODS( ) Beatriz and Daniel…

IHPS Plant Assays – June

IHPS Plant Assays – Juin

The Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing has started the trials to determine theefficacy of biocontrol agents against Verticillium nonalfalfae on hop plants.The assays consist of inoculation of selected bacteria, including various strains ofStreptomyces, by root dipping and subsequently planting in V. nonalfalfae-infected soil. Liquid cultures of selected Biocontrol Agents Application of biocontrol agents to hop plants by root…